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Memorandum. what about the dot name?

Why it is not being fractalized?

Is it going to remain as name and surname alone?

Can it be related with the birth place, for example?

I am still trying to convince people to use terrassa.name (my town's name) to localize identity + name + local nickname, etc.


Dot Name The Forgotten Global Dot (gTLDs)


This is the second time that I bring the subject up.

I found this news release by SEDO today.
Please keep reading after the newspaper cut.
17/01/02 |
.Name Goes Live! Personlize Your Web With a Dot-Name

The World Wide Web just got a little more personal. After the release of the new commerce-oriented TLDs .biz and .info, the domain extension .name went live on Tuesday offering users a personalized space on the Net for a mere registration fee of $30/year.

Dot Name

There are some limitations on the global dot name.
I propose that dot name could be used for local identities by putting as surmane the locality name. In this way we can free the global identity for infinite number of users that have the same name that the individual who got the global one.
This is an idea promoted by Aberingi Beta an individual entrepreneur from Barcelona Spain.
jorge [at] terrassa [dot] name.

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