Dot Name The Forgotten Global Dot (gTLDs)


This is the second time that I bring the subject up.

I found this news release by SEDO today.
Please keep reading after the newspaper cut.
17/01/02 |
.Name Goes Live! Personlize Your Web With a Dot-Name

The World Wide Web just got a little more personal. After the release of the new commerce-oriented TLDs .biz and .info, the domain extension .name went live on Tuesday offering users a personalized space on the Net for a mere registration fee of $30/year.

Global Name Registry, the London based firm in charge of registration maintained on Tuesday that 60,000 .name domains have been registered since the Landrush period began last year. Whereas Germany, the UK and France lead in registrations in Europe, Japan is also on the list of top registrants, indicating the truly international demand for the .name extension.

The .name registrants receive a three-tiered address, consisting generally of (for example: Included in the package is an email address consisting of the

Although the .name extensions may not be ripe for the aftermarket given their personal nature, Sedo will keep an eye on their development and, as always, keep you posted on the success of the new TLD as the latest result of ICANN's attempt to better categorize the DNS.,
I have written to the GNR

Proposing the liberation of dot name by allowing the owner of a .Name to use the the name of the birth place this way, for example:

My name is Jorge Garcia Gil

A given name and two family names (in Spain we have both family names in our National Identity Card, dad's and mam's)

I was born in the town of Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain.

I own the, so I am proposing to use it this way or or or or and so on...

So, that all the people of the world whose name is Jorge can use the local name of birth to have a personalized global email address or addresses.

Nowadays if I buy for example, nobody else can adquiere the jorge's name or, nobody else called Jorge GarcĂ­a can have that name because it is global.

Imagine how many Jorges in the world will be happy if they could relate thier personal names to their birth place.

I am conducting a test drive in my community and the perspectives of recuperating the Dot Name for a proper rational use of the original intention.

I think that has been abused and overused in detriment of .Name.

I shall be happy to feed this blog with the ongoing results of my social test.

If anybody wants to discuss this issue further with me,
Please write to jorge[at]terrassa[dot]name. (or comment here)

Time goes quickly and the implentation of IPv6 is inminent.
The USA has 70% of the IPv4 addresses of the world, and they are running running out (source:

Korea, Japan and China are leading the transition to IPv6 in the world. Ipv6 technology will allow each individual to have multiples appliances connected to internet.

Thank you

PD.- I am the owner of also.