[SAC003]: Whois Recommendation of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (Version 1) [PDF, 37K]

1 November 2002

[SAC003]: Whois Recommendation of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (Version 1)

1 December 2002

[.pdf version]
Whois Recommendation of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee

SAC 003.1
Document 003 Version 1
December 1, 2002

Table Of Contents

ICANN GNSO WHOIS Workshop, Los Angeles, CA: Is the WHOIS service a source for email addresses for spammers? [PDF, 2,830K]

28 October 2007

[SAC027]: SSAC Comment to GNSO regarding WHOIS studies [PDF, 33K]

7 February 2008

[SAC023]: Is the WHOIS Service a Source for email Addresses for Spammers? [PDF, 961K]

23 October 2007

[SAC003]: WHOIS Recommendation [PDF, 37K]

1 December 2002

[SAC003]: WHOIS Recommendation

1 December 2002

Version 2 - 7 February 2003

[.pdf version]
Document 003 Version 2
February 7, 2003

Table Of Contents

No More WDPRS Follow-Ups?

I have not received a 45-day WDPRS follow-up since 20-Jan-2008, even though I have filed WDPRS reports almost daily for the past several months. Has ICANN discontinued WDPRS follow-ups?

I have emailed the webmaster a few times about this matter, but as with all emails to the webmaster on any subject, I have never received a reply.

Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA - WZZI / WZZU / WLNI / WLEQ

Unavailable Whois Servers

Some Whois servers are frequently unavailable. The one that I have the most issues with is whois.paycenter.com.cn, maintained by Xin Net Technology Corporation in Beijing, China, which has about 750,000 registrations. Unfortunately, many are for "pharmacy" spammers and other spammers who use false email addresses when providing Whois data to the registrar. When trying to establish whether a spammer has falsified such information the paycenter.com Whois server is frequently unavailable. Is there a complaint process for unavailable Whois servers?

Issues: Whois

What is Whois?

The "whois" is the publicly displayed information of domain names'
registration data. Currently this information is readily accessible on
the public Internet and contains full details - including name,
physical address, email address and contact telephone number -for a
domain's administrative, technical and billing contacts.

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