IDN Workshop: IDNs in Indian Languages and Scripts


Smt Tulika Pandey
Addl. Director, DIT

Tina Dam
Director, IDN Programs, ICANN

Shri Mahesh Kulakarni
Programme Head, CDAC, Pune

Dr Raymond Doctor

Consultant CDAC, Pune

Smt Swaranlata
Director, DIT

Shri Rajesh Aggarwal

Shri Deepak Maheshwari
Director Corporate Affairs

Sai Sreekanth
Dr. Govind
Sr. Director, DIT

Shri Ram Mohan


13 Feb 2008 - 11:00
13 Feb 2008 - 13:00
Agra Room

1) An Introduction To Indian Languages & Scripts -- This session to focus on the 22 official languages of the country; a quick primer on how these can be categorized and what scripts and script families are. In addition, speak to other important issues such as: Extensions to letters, Nukta, Chandrabindi, Bi-Directionality in Urdu. Collation, Locale, Rendering.

Duration: 20 mins, plus 5 mins Q&A

2) Development of Language Tables, Policy Issues for Indic Scripts -- This session focuses on the key policy issues that need to be (and have been) considered with special respect to Indic scripts. Topics include: Number of scripts per country, Consideration of homonyms, Variant policies, Whois display, Character Input & Display policies, Pricing for variants, Language table development, language profiles, variant issues

Duration: 25 mins, 5 mins Q&A

3) Indian Languages in Computer Applications - The Election Commission Experience & Implications for .IN Lessons learned from deploying Indian languages during India's elections - the largest democratic elections in the world. Plans for deploying IDN scripts in .IN at the second level (and potentially at the top level). Topics include: Business principles, reach of local languages in India, use of web in India.

Duration: 20 mins, 5 mins Q&A

4) Status of Indian Language Deployment in Operating Systems -- Where does India stand with regard to deployment in operating systems?Duration: 15 mins

5) Status of Indian Language Deployments in Computer Applications -- Where do we stand with browsers, email clients, other applications w.r.t. Indian languages.