Tutorial: Domain Tasting

24 Jun 2007 - 17:30
24 Jun 2007 - 19:00


San Geronimo A/B
What it is: 
This session will feature staff and community members discussing the recent request for an Issues Report on domain tasting and the outcome prepared for the GNSO by ICANN staff. The Issues Report was provided on 29 May 2007 council (http://gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/msg03535.html) finding that a GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) was within ICANN's scope and recommended that the GNSO conduct further fact-finding and research. It also highlighted several other ways - which are not mutually exclusive - that the ICANN community could address domain tasting. These will be discussed.
Why it's important: 
As ICANN looks to possible means for addressing domain tasting, a good working knowledge of the issue and possible options is crucial. This session will help set the stage for further discussion on the topic throughout the San Juan meeting and beyond.
Who should attend: 
Anyone interested in a better understanding of this Issues Report and those policymakers who need a better understanding in order to make informed decisions.
Agenda details : 

Domain Tasting Workshop, San Juan
Sunday, 24 June, 2007, 1730 - 1900
Session Chair and Moderator: Jacqueline Morris, Chair, At-Large Advisory Committee
1) Welcome to the Session – Jacqueline Morris (1-2 Minutes)
2) Domain Tasting Overview (10 minutes)
a) Speaker: Tim Cole, ICANN Services Staff
3) Overview of the Issues Report (15 minutes)
a) Speaker: Alan Greenberg, At-Large Advisory Committee member and Liaison to the GNSO (5 minutes)
b) Speaker: Maria Farrell, ICANN Policy Department (10 minutes)
4) Impacts of Domain Tasting (10 minutes)
a) Examples Of Industry Self-Regulation (5 minutes)
(1) Speaker: Jothan Frakes
b) A Business User’s Perspective (5 minutes)
(1) Speaker: Marilyn Cade
5) Possible Next Steps and Context (20 minutes)
a) PDP Process Overview (5 Minutes)
(1) Speaker: Avri Doria, Chair, GNSO
b) Registry Action Related to the Add Grace Period (5 Minutes)
(1) Speaker: David Maher from PIR
c) Other Actions Related to Add Grace Period (10 minutes)
(1) Speaker: Margie Milam from MarkMonitor
6) Questions from the Floor (30 minutes)
Jacqueline will open the floor to questions, reminding participants that statements for or against taking action are best saved for the GNSO Public Forum where the Issues Report will be debated; the objective of this workshop is to clarify the possible options for action, discussing statistics and data related to Domain Tasting activities, on the assumption that taking no action is of course an option but one which does not require explanation per se.

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A minor clarification...

It is so very important that sessions like this happen, because it really helps with educating people on many of the complex topics within our industry. I commend the ALAC and ICANN for continuing in the tradition of holding workshops.

I do have a minor clarification... As the agenda got listed (and as I was only today presented it) it appears that I was listed as making the case as a proponent of domain tasting.

This is not the case. While I personally am not as opposed to the practice as my fellow panellists, quite frankly, the position that I persobally have always held is neutral, neither for nor against the practice, and I have participated in presenting facts and statistics at previous workshops.

The session agenda will be being revised over the next few days to reflect that I personally am participating constructively in the panel to describe the best practices and marketplace self regulation efforts that are currently underway by thought leaders and companies that are working to reduce pain points.

I am participating in the tutorial to update on the progress made within the marketplace with self regulation and best practices relating to volume AGP activity, and to describe the various types of domain tasting that exist to help untangle the matter towards solution.

I am very grateful to participate because there are many people that I deeply respect who are working through the ICANN process to improve our industry, and this is a panel consisting of people who have put a lot of effort towards improving how the internet works for the public.

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