IDNs - An Overview (English)

Sun 21 Jun 2009 - 16:00 - 17:30
Function 4-5 (L4)
What it is |  At this session ICANN Staff will give an overview of the topic of Internationalized Domian Names. This will include an overview of what IDN related activities are ongoing currently and what work remain to be finalized before IDNs can be introduced as TLDs. The session will further provide an overview of additional IDN sessions throughout the week.

Why it's Important |  The introduction of IDNs is considered one of the most significant innovations in the Internet since its inception. IDNs are and will offer many new opportunities or Internet users around the world by allowing them to establish and use domain names in their native languages and scripts. As we are moving towards IDNs introduced as TLDs additional work has been identified based on the experiences from the second level introductions that started back in 2001.

Who should attend? |   If you are interested in the use of domain names with other characters than those in the basic Latin script, either personally or because you are addressing a community or market that will benefit from the availability of such domain names - this session is for you. Further if you are taking part in the continued policy development and/or implementation of the two processes by which IDN TLDs will become available - this session is for you.