Sponsor Organization
Registry Organization
TLD Policies
Table of Appendices

Table of Content of Appendices  

Group A : Corporate Documentation

Appendix A : Mission Statement
Appendix B : Bylaws of Internet Events International
Appendix C : Articles of Incorporation
Appendix D : Executive Summary and Business Plan
Appendix E : Corporate Structure Chart
Appendix F : Biographies and Resumes of Executives

Group B : Market, Revenue and Expenses

Appendix G : Market Data (Pro-Forma)
Appendix H : Revenue Model Definitions and Key
Appendix I : 90% Surety Revenue Model
Appendix J : 75% Surety Revenue Model
Appendix K : 50% Surety Revenue Model
Appendix L : 25% Surety Revenue Model
Appendix M : 10% Surety Revenue Model
Appendix N : Expense Budget
Appendix O : Staff Model
Appendix P : Staff Placement Model

Group C: Technical Plans

TechDoc A: Technical Plan (D15.1-D15.3)  
Supplementary Support Documents Size


TechDoc B: Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server word-doc
TechDoc C: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition word-zip
TechDoc D: Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition   word-zip


Microsoft Application Center Server 2000   word-zip
TechDoc F: Shift4 NetEnterprise Software word-doc
TechDoc G: Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0   word-zip
TechDoc H: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000   word-zip
TechDoc I: Veritas Volume Manager for Windows 2000 word-doc
TechDoc J: Veritas NetBackup Datacenter for Windows 2000   word-doc
TechDoc K: Optistorm for Windows 2000   pdf 
TechDoc L: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server   word-doc
TechDoc M: Microsoft BackOffice Server   word-doc
TechDoc N: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional   word-doc
TechDoc O: Microsoft Office Professional   word-doc
TechDoc P: Microsoft Developers Network   word-doc
TechDoc Q: Microsoft Active Directory Interface Toolkit   word-doc
TechDoc R: Rational SiteLoad   pdf
TechDoc S: Rational Test Studio 2000   pdf
TechDoc T: Rational Performance Studio 2000   pdf
TechDoc U: Active Directory Overview   word-doc
TechDoc V: Active Directory Technical Summary   word-doc

Group D: Registration Group Agreements

Appendix Q: Sponsoring Corporation / Registry Groupís Contract  
Appendix R:  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Appendix S:  Rules for Uniform Domain Name Disputes  
Appendix  T:  Approved Providers for Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy