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Registry Operator's Proposal - BUSINESS CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D13.4.4. Proof of capital. Provide evidence of existing capital or firm commitments of capital. Demonstrated access to necessary capital will be carefully scrutinized.

A recent WebVision bank statement showing one account balance in excess of $20 million is attached as Exhibit B (CONFIDENTIAL).

A WebVision press release announcing the equity investment totaling $62 million from Freeman Spogli, Goldman Sachs Partners and others is attached as Exhibit C.

Group One Registry, Inc. has received additional capital commitments from:
Name Amount
Dallah Albaraka (Saudi Arabia) $5 million
MRCB (Malaysia) $5 million
SCP Capital (USA) $10 million
Freeman Spogli (USA) $5 million
TOTAL $25 million

In addition to the above, Group One Registry has preliminary commitments for an additional amount expected to exceed $15 million; final written confirmation not yet received due to time constraints in the application process.


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