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X. Supporting Documentation C50.1 - C50.6

RegisterOrg Documents
Certificate of Incorporation
Bylaws Documents
Certificate of Incorporation

Annual Reports Annual Report SEC Filings

Evidence of Commitment

Evidence of Community Support
OSI Info

Registry Services Agreement

XI. Technical Attachments

Technical Assessment

Database Replication

Migration Process
These attachments are documents that Registry Advantage currently uses as part of the migration process for its ccTLD customers.
   Registry Advantage Migration Services
This document provides a broad overview of the Registry Advantage migration process.
   Migration Questionnaire
This document is provided to registry administrators at the start of the migration process as part of the Current State Analysis.


   Cicso 7206 Router
   Summit 5i Core Switch
   Summit 48i Access Switch
   Big/IP Load Balancer
   Netscreen 204 Firewall

   Symmetrix 8530 Data Sheet
   Symmetrix 8530 Specifications Sheet
   ClarIIon 4700 Data Sheet
   ClarIIon 4700 Specification Sheet
   Network Appliance F740
   Spectra Logic 12000
   McData Sphereon 3016

   Sun Enterprise 6500
   IBM x330

Data Centers
   AT&T Hosting Services
   AT&T Network
   Diyxian Data Center
   Diyxian Network
   MFN Colocation Services
   MFN Network Map
   MFN IP Network

This section provides specifications for the various SRS protocols mentioned throughout the proposal. The first, the Simple Registration Protocol (SRP), is a proprietary protocol developed by Registry Advantage.
   SRP Syntax
   SRP Command Reference
   SRP Response Codes

Two versions of the RRP specification are provided here. The first, RRP version 1.1.0, is described by RFC 2832. However, VeriSign is currently considering an upgrade to RRP Version 2.0.0, described in the subsequent RFC 2832bis Internet-Draft.
   RFC 2832
   RFC 2832bis

These documents provide details regarding the EPP protocol as currently implemented by Registry Advantage.
   EPP protocol specification
   EPP domain mapping
   EPP host (name server) mapping
   EPP contact mapping
   EPP TCP transport specification

XII. Marketing Attachments

XIII. Resumes
   Rich Forman
   Rajiv Samant
   Jack Levy
   Jon Stern
   Jonathan Wales
   Garrett Herbert
   David Palmieri
   Kevin Polakoff
   Elana Broitman
   Richard Webby
   Jordyn Buchanan
   Richard Roberto
   Charlie Sun