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Welcome to the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook Version 2 (V2) Public Comment Forum

Open: February 19 2009 (UTC)

Closed: April 13 2009 (UTC)

To submit a comment, send a message to the email address that corresponds to the issue on which you would like to comment as indicated on the table below. After you send your message, you will receive an email message containing a confirmation link. You must click on the confirmation link in the message in order to complete the submission of your comment.

How to participate?

This public comment page exists to collect your input on the Draft Applicant Guidebook, V2.

The Guidebook, V2 is available here in full as well as broken down into its six individual modules, providing seven discussion areas. You can either comment on the overall document or comment per module, by area of interest. Also, with each module’s discussion area, you will also find a list of papers that serve as explanatory memoranda to that particular module. A red-lined and annotated version of the document is provided to facilitate the understanding of the changes that were made in progressing from Draft Applicant Guidebook, V1 to V2. A series of Explanatory Memoranda, also available below, accompany the Draft Applicant Guidebook, V2, to supplement understanding of the implementation work for new gTLDs.

Although substantial progress has been made in producing this second version, there are areas of the program that still under development and few overarching issues that require further community consultation. ICANN is taking steps to engage interested parties in dialogue to address broader issues relating to the introduction of new gTLDs, such as the overall demand for new gTLDs, trademark protection, security and stability concerns relating to root zone capacity, and the potential for increased malicious conduct on the Internet. These discussions will be undertaken concurrently with progressing the work to develop subsequent versions of the Draft Applicant Guidebook.

It’s important to point out that all materials are in draft form for public comment and review. The current public comment period will last for at least fifty-two (52) days. As the materials become available in five (5) additional languages – Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish - there will be an opportunity to comment in these additional languages for at least 52 days.

All materials are in draft form for public comment and review. Your comments will help with the production of the Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 3(V3), expected to be released in Q3 2009.

Since these are not the final documents, applicants should not rely on the details contained in the document since they remains subject to further consultation and revision.

What to expect?

ICANN expects to engage in a productive and robust dialogue with the Internet community through this consultative process. Staff will review all comments and provide a summary/analysis of comments to help with the production of the Draft Applicant Guidebook, V3.

The Public Comments Forum for the Draft Applicant Guidebook, V1 can still be found at:

Here is the summary/analysis ICANN prepared in response to the first Public Forum Period: Summary and analysis of First Draft Applicant Guidebook Public Comments [PDF, 588K]

Further details about the New gTLD Program can be found at:

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Draft Applicant Guidebook References Explanatory Memoranda (EM) Description E-mail for Comments Comments Fora

Full Draft Applicant Guidebook [PDF, 1,320K]

redline [PDF, 1,580K] - The full Draft Guidebook is available for download -

Module 1 [PDF, 324K]
Introduction to New gTLDs Application Process

redline [PDF, 348K] -

Key content:

  • Application processing phases
  • Eligibility and application types
  • Fees and payment
Module 2 [PDF, 252K]
Evaluation Procedures
redline [PDF, 272K]

Key content:

  • Evaluations phases
  • Evaluation questions and criteria
redline [PDF, 245K]
Module 3 [PDF, 260K]
Dispute Resolution Procedures
redline [PDF, 264K]

Key content:

  • Purpose and procedures
  • Grounds and standards
Module 4 [PDF, 338K]
String Contention Procedures
redline [PDF, 246K]

Key content:

  • Identification of contention sets
  • Comparative evaluation
  • Efficient contention resolution mechanism (see EM)
Module 5 [PDF, 107K]
Transition to Delegation
redline [PDF, 128K]

Key content:

  • Base Agreement
  • Pre-delegation test
redline [PDF, 126K]
1. Consensus and temporary policies spec [PDF, 40K] redline [PDF, 34K]
2. Data escrow requirements [PDF, 67K] (unchanged from v1) -
3. Monthly reporting format [PDF, 32K] (unchanged from v1) -
4. Registration data publication [PDF, 30K] (unchanged from v1) -
5. Second level reserved names [PDF, 30K] redline [PDF, 30K]
6. Registry performance specs [PDF, 38K] redline [PDF, 35K]
7. Rights protection mechanisms requirements [PDF, 30K] redline [PDF, 30K]
Module 6 [PDF, 91K]
Application Terms and Conditions
redline [PDF, 92K] -   -

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