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Please set up your own mailing list

It's not hard to set up a mailing list for community discussion similar
to the one that used to be hosted at IFWP.ORG. You could start with the
robust LISTSERV software that is available free at http://www.lsoft.com
and can be scaled up to a very large list by purchasing the full 
commercial version. Here is an article I wrote for Boardwatch magazine
that discusses some other possibilities. 

But please act quickly before the conspiracy theorists use the failure
of IFWP.ORG's mailing list as yet another barb to twist into ICANN
We are counting on you folks to bring some order to the chaos and to
initiate the changes that are so badly needed. I'll note that the
monopoly has again proved its inability to provide even basic service
with its week long failure of its email registration system.