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In response to Darren Nelson's comment: Should all registrars be US based corporations?


The ICANN being US centric or not, no one cares! After all must members
are US citizens. However, the Internet domain names and Addresses
management should not become another Basketball "World" tournament or
even another Baseball "World" series were the only participants are US
teams, and US players. It will not happen, we will not allow it!
 Think about it!  Why should any US company or citizen, have to pay an
African based company to register a domain name that has nothing to do
with Africa? Can you imagine all the hassle you will have to go
through? And economically, why should everyone in the world contribute
to the development of one single country be it the US, by sending
billion of dollars to that country in registration fees?  It is
interesting how in the US, we can champion "free market" and at the
same time advocate for monopoly.  The idea that "the majority of the
Internet was born in the US", and therefore it is appropriate that only
US companies serve as registrars is just ludicrous. The Internet
belongs to no one culture. Travel a bit and see what's going on
elsewhere, or just spend a day in the silicon Valley and tell us how
many US born engineers you see. There should be no doubt in anyone's
mind that  geographic diversity should be taken into account in this

We all want fairness, and fairness requires diversity in the choice of
the registrar. the world diversity may not have the same meaning in the
US as it does in the rest of the world.  Diversity for us is not
incompatible with competition and efficiency.


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