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Fw: [ifwp] Reasons for "Global" Internet Registry

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From: susancho <susancho@tm.net.my>
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Date: Wednesday, November 25, 1998 12:19 PM
Subject: [ifwp] Reasons for "Global" Internet Registry

>Dear IANA, RIPE NCC & IFWP Subscribers:
>The reasons for a "Global" Internet Registry are:
>1. an alternative source for Internet-Users to obtain Internet resources,
>2. work together with the regional Internet registries,
>    (build a cooperative community, etc.)
>3. assist commercial and non-commercial Internet Users,
>4. develop a secured network for Internet-connected nations,
>5. provide Value Added Services,
>    (domain name registration services, etc.)
>* more reasons will be finalized at meetings, and shall be posted to
>I have gathered individuals and organizations to support my proposal of a
>"Global" Internet Registry. Since my proposal for a regional registry, I
>have been receiving e-mails from two Internet Users. The senders discussed
>the present regional registries monopoly over Internet Numbers.
>Sender: john_1986@hotmail.com:
>"the present regional registries are having monopoly over Internet
>Reply: susancho@tm.net.my:
>In my opinion, the present regional registries aren't having monopoly over
>Internet numbers, because there isn't an alternative source for the
>Community to obtain the necessary resources.
>The organizers of the "Global" Internet Registry, could include
>"representatives of regional Internet number registries, Internet engineers
>and computer scientists, domain name registries, domain name registrars,
>commercial and non-commercial users, Internet service providers,
>international trademark holders and Internet experts highly respected
>throughout the international Internet community." An Interim board shall be
>appointed to take on the management of the transition process, etc.
>The "Global" Internet registry will be a non-profit, public benefit and
>charitable organization. It will not be organized for the private gain of
>any person, but organized and operated exclusively for educational and
>scientific purposes. Operating for the benefit of the Internet Community as
>a whole is a condition.
>Hopefully, the rescheduled dateline can be met, and I believe co-operation
>from the Internet Community will be a big help.
>Please send your comments to susancho@tm.net.my, and or host@fz.ml.org.
>Thank You.
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