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top level names

I would like to propose that a new set of top level names be created to
allow for better filtering by a browser.

I would like to see all adult content moved to one or more new top level

If these top level names were something like '.adult', '.sex' or '.xxx',
then all browsers on the market could filter them out easily. Search engines
could function more safely for children and people who do not want to see
reference to the adult content.

I would love to do a search on yahoo, webcrawler or any other search site
and not see any adult content references.

To make this work correctly, all adult sites with a .com, .net or .org would
need to be changed over to the new top level nameing. This would need to be
done right away for all existing sites and then all new sites with adult
content must use the new top level name.

Within 2 years all adult sites would be moved over to the new top level
names.Browsers and search engines could start filtering.

I would also like to see enforcement of the new top level names. I would
like to see punishment for those who do NOT follow these rules. Remove their
rights to have a web site if the adult content spills back into the non
adult top level namespace.

I believe that this would help to protect the youth and those who don't want
to see the adult content.

In the non-cyber world, adult content is hidden behind closed doors or
behind a special magazine rack. This is what I would like to see for
cyber-space too.

The above is my personal opinion and has nothing to do with my place of
Mike Collins