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Informing Internet Policy - Put Geographic Locations into the DNS! (RFC 1876)

I strongly urge ICANN to consider RFC 1876 (more info
http://www.kei.com/homepages/ckd/dns-loc/), which proposes to put
geographic location information into th Domain Name System.

As nations and communities attempt to formulate policy on ecommerce
and universal Internet access, they are hidered by a lack of
information about how and where to target these policies and who and
where will be most affected.

Putting geographical information into the DNS will permit us to better
track the diffusion of Internet technologies and the rapidly changing
geography of the information economy. ICANN can and should be a
leading voice in promoting research in this area. Implementing RFC
1876 is one way to make this message clear.

Anthony Townsend
Deaprtment of Urban Studies and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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