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Re: [Membership] ICANN, MAC and membership@icann.org

Scott Bradner a écrit:
> Diane reasonabally asks:
> > Do ISPs have any direct voice in the selection of directors in any of
> > the SOs structures currently on the table?
> all of the regional IP address registries have ISPs among their membership
> so there may be a role there - in addition, it would not be a surprise  if
> ASO proposals would provide some memebrship role for ISPs
> some of the DNSO proposals may also have designated roles for ISPs

Diane's question is reasonable, but your reply isn't. As you well know, the
application process of the PSO and ASO have been conducted within hermetic
groups totally closed to participation by ISPs or anyone else outside those
groups. Of all the untransparent machinations that have gone on since the
White Paper spawned an IANA-formulated NewCo, the application processes of
the ASO and the PSO have been the most opaque. No one on these lists has the
slightest idea who wrote those applications, or what's in them. It's not
surprising that your response to Diane's question is so non-committal and