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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership

Steve and all,

BRPWIT@aol.com wrote:

> Russ:
> Till I got to the below response from you, i thought there was some common
> ground. In your response you more than recognize the naming and content
> problem.
> My aim is to ge these things put up front then figure out how to get a
> structure to handle it.

  Structure first, than address the problem(s).

> In response to:
> n a message dated 99-02-06 04:00:14 EST, you write:
> << Rather than someone standing on your foot it sounds more like you
>  sit there and think up things that might bother you and then go out and try
>  to find them and censor it (church lady syndrome). >>
> Two answers to this  comment(?):
> 1- I want to attack the problem Before it occurs rather than wait till after -
> if you had read what i wrote and not what you wanted to read - you would see i
> am trying to be pro-active rather than reactivce.

  To be pro-active one must have a predetermined idea as to what the problems
might be.  This in turn requires a structure.  Hence, structure first, than
problem resolution can occur in a meaningful manner.

> 2- church like - just because i didn't say what action i would take when you
> step on my foot  -
>  My taking a position that things shouild be identified first in order to
> develop a structure to handle it is proactive not being a waiter as you
> propose.

  Again Steve, you have this completely backwards.  Structure first, than
you can establish a resolution through that structure.

> The structure needs to deal with the FREEDOM of Speech Issue. or are you
> saying let everyone do what they want to the detriment of what they want?
> steve

  Than one should determining that FREEDOM of speech must become an
axiom if this is paramount.

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