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Re: [Membership] ICANN, MAC and membership@icann.org

to Et Al : 

 We keep talking about voting who is members , money fee charging etc. I
received the following funny inaneane message from a niece who received it via
a long chain from someone at STANFORD University. For fun try the "hamster
website at the end" it will give you a chuckle. You say what place does that
have in these high and mighty discussion - well the internet has also allowed
millions of people to ENJOY and not have to be in it for only serious things -
HOW DO we treat and handle these folks?

thanks steve witkin      REMemBER goto hamster site 

"message follows:

 know I'm not supposed to forward stuff like this but really... you HAVE
to see this.
And remember, the maker of this page paid $75 to register the domain name

>you won't believe this one.  be patient, and let it load fully before
>giving up on humanity