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Re: Competition; was Re: [Membership] ICANN: The Issue of Membership---

Greg and all,

Greg Skinner wrote:

> Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org> wrote:
> >There are no "temporary measures". They become permanent immediately
> >they are adopted. But even as a temporary measure it has no
> >justification. If people with a good idea can't create a real website
> >under their control, all the innovation of e-commerce will wither and
> >die and the Internet revolution will be over. Discrimination between
> >individuals and organizations for DN rights is inadmissible.
> Under the current policy, registrants do not have domain names "under
> their control," regardless of whether they are administered through
> NSI, through the ISP, or through some other domain name hosting
> service.
> However, using domain names under the control of the ISP, or some
> other domain name hosting service, does not involve NSI in any
> potential lawsuits that might arise from name conflicts.

  This would depend partly on what "Type" of registration system
you would use.

> About the only way registrants might have such control is for everyone
> on Earth to be able to set up their own registry, and publish their
> names to every other registry.  The current technology doesn't support
> this.
> Does this make sense?

  No this does not make sense.  With employment of a multicasting
distribution process broadcasting registered domains to multiple
registries in a matter of seconds is doable now.

> >Who would decide? The trademark lawyers? NSI? You?
> I would hope that we could have some kind of reasoned discussion about
> it, rather than you making insinuating and inflammatory knee-jerk
> responses to me.
> >Everyone has right to an address, a domain name, a unique e-mail
> >mailbox, and a portable website. These are the fundamental freedoms
> >of the Internet. Without them, the Internet is dead, or the
> >advertising tool of the multi-nationals.
> Analogy:
> Everyone has a right to a chicken for dinner every night.  Never mind
> the fact that there might not be enough chickens that can be bred
> because of a lack of appropriate places to breed them, a lack of means
> to feed them, or even some disease that is mysteriously killing off
> chickens.  But regardless of the fact that there exist practical
> limitations on putting a chicken in every pot, the chicken breeders
> are obligated to do it anyway, otherwise they will be considered evil,
> greedy, selfish minions of the forces designed to starve the world's
> population.
> --gregbo


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