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Re: [Membership] [Advisory Notice from IHOJ] Subject: Unsavory Individules "NetKooks"

One word: Troll.

Give it up Jeff aka Brian (they are the same person). 
No one on this list takes you serious except people who
just join the list and have no idea you are and what you

-James Seng

At 11:30 AM 16-04-99 +0930, K S LIM wrote:
>> > Dear Mr Hollingworth
>> > In this case, can you substantiate the claim by making the many findings
>> > and reviews you mentioned above available to us(the public)?
>> > Can you also substantiate the authenticity of your post/title.
>> > If you can prove yourself and your claim to be authentic, I am willing
>> > to reconsider my opinion.
>> >
>> > --
>> > KS LIM
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>> > Bangkok Bank Building
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>> > TEL:65-2211208,FAX:65-2221170
>> > E-MAIL: ks_lim@logchina.com.sg
>> Respectfully,
>> --
>> Brian C. Hollingsworth
>>  Sr. Legal Advisor, International House of Justice Internet
>>  Communications Affairs and Policy
>>  Advisory council for Public Affairs and Internet Policy, European Union
>Dear All
>In this case, I have to maintain my original opinion of those I know and
>respect from the so call "questionable character " list until I can be
>shown any evidence from the proposed web page.  However, I have
>impression that all this sounds defamatory!  
>180 Cecil Street, #15-03
>Bangkok Bank Building
>E-MAIL: ks_lim@logchina.com.sg