Elise Gerich
VP, IANA and Technical Operations

Elise Gerich, a 21 year veteran of Internet networking, is the Vice President of IANA at ICANN.

Before joining ICANN, Gerich worked for Juniper Networks for nine years, serving most recently as Director of Software Product Management. Prior to that, she worked as the Director of Operations for the @Home Network, which built and operated the first national backbone for delivery of Internet Services by North American cable operators.

Prior to joining @Home Network, Gerich served as the Associate Director National Networking at Merit Network in Michigan. While at Merit she was also a Principle Investigator for NSFNET's T3 Backbone Project and the Routing Arbiter Project.

In addition to her commercial experience, Gerich has been the Co-chair of the Internet Planning Group (IEPG), Chair and Co-founder of the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG), the National Science Foundation's representative on the Federal Engineering Planning Group and a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). Elise Gerich holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan.

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