This event took place on 13 October 2014 from 07:00-08:30 PDT at ICANN51 | Los Angeles in the X-Bar room.
Mon, 13 October 2014 - 07:00 to 08:30 PDT
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DNS Women stands for Domain Name System Women. Our mission is to provide Encouragement, Inspiration and Active Support of Women in the DNS industry. The group was established in 2009 during the ICANN in Mexico. Since then, it has gathered in Australia, South Korea, Kenya, Belgium, Colombia, USA, Singapore, Senegal, Costa Rica, Canada, UK and China, to name a few. Today, we have over 160 members from the private and public sectors from across the globe.

DNS Women aims to advance women's global Internet leadership through networking, information and resources sharing, with a focus on increasing the participation of women leaders in DNS Industry. We encourage women around the world to respond to the increase need of leadership critical to the growth of the Internet.

Are you already part of the DNS industry or interested in joining? Please become a member of DNS Women joining or our Facebook group.

This event is free and has been generously sponsored by

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