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[Comment-Dnso] reply to Schneider

Dear Mr. Schneider,
Thank you for your comments to my last e-mail to discuss-dnso. I hope that you will have the time to read this new one betewn your trips and that you will have the chance to verify your information before to make free comments in public.
First of all, I can not understand why is your answer so agressive including personal attacks, comments about our country, questions about ASIMELEC representativity, and about my manners??? in expresing our concerns for a matter wich is of general interest of all ISPīs.
Let me please refreshing your memory Mr. Schneider,
-You and me we have met twice. Both times in Brussels, the last one at the ICANN meeting. By the way, I remember you and your organisation not supporting ICANN at all at that time.
-ASIMELEC, as you should know, is the most, please note this again, the most important ISP Assoc. in Spain, representing close to a 90% of the Internet traffic in Spain. This is a truth that should not be under your personal interpretation.
-We never had an answer to my e-mail to you, asking you kindly about information for the procces of the ISP-DNSO constituency.
-We do not assume, as you said, that an application not previously coordinated with us is without any legimay. We are not so pretentious. We only assume that the Constituency has to be OPEN and TRASPARENT as it is the only way to avoid UNDEMOCRATIC procedures and OLIGARCHY.
Best Regards,
Manuel Hurtado
President ISP Commision