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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Re: [dnso.discuss] Modifications to ICIIU Guidelines and NCDNHC definition

William and all,

William X. Walsh wrote:

> On Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:52:36 +1200, Joop Teernstra
> <terastra@terabytz.co.nz> wrote:
> >At 11:22 31/05/1999 +0000, William wrote:
> >>And back on the thread here....
> >>
> >>None of this has shown that anyone really is a member of this
> >>"Congress" called the ICIIU except Mr Sondow......
> >>
> >Legally Michael's ICIIU is an incorporated "non-membership organization".
> >Slightly contradictory-in-terms , but a valid legal construct.
> >
> No one is arguing the "legal validity" of the ICIIU's existance, but
> its practical existance and credibility.


> I could go and incorporate the "Comedian Domain Name Holders Congress"
> tomorrow, but that doesn't mean that it has any validity in this
> process.

  Certainly such a constituency would have validity in this process, as would
any constituency that represents a particular group of stakeholders that
should so choose to construct a constituency.

  I fact I was approached about a week ago now to put together a
Adult domain name holders constituency, from some very influential
adult oriented sites and entities.  I declined this offer, but did encourage
them to put one together as they do represent a significant percentage
of Domain names and Internet traffic of interest.

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> crying to every time you have something
> to whimper about.


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