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Representatives of e-commerce are organizing the non-commercial constituency of ICANN

The Asociacion de Usuarios de Internet (AUI), a Spanish Internet
organization listed on the ICANN website as a supporting
organization for ISOC's claim to be the organizer of the
Non-Commercial Constituency of the DNSO of ICANN, is a front for
Javier Sola, the AUI's secretary, who is the President of the
European Internet Business Association and an organizer of the
DNSO's Business Constituency.

The ICANN board apparently plans to allow these disreputable
charlatans to take over the Non-Commercial Constituency of the DNSO
in Berlin, since they can afford to travel there while the
legitimate non-commercial users cannot and the ICANN board refuses
to institute a mechanism for proxy- or online voting. This farce,
straddling the fence of illegality, is being supported and abetted
by the U.S. Department of Commerce in the person of Beckwith Burr.