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Procedural rules for Berlin constituency formation

ICANN Board-

I posted a message to you last week containing a series of questions
about the rules and procedures for DNSO constituency formation that
you plan to adhere to in Berlin. You have not answered these
questions. Perhaps you have not seen them, or have been too busy. In
any case, for those of us working to organize constituencies they
are urgent, and so I am re-posting them here for your consideration.
Thanks for your attention to this and a prompt response.

Michael Sondow, for the ICIIU

I believe it is incumbent on you to announce before the event how
you mean to handle the formation of debated constituencies in
so as to reassure everyone that the procedures will not be
manipulated depending on circumstances. For example: Will messages
of support be counted, or will you be giving control of the DNSO
constituencies to those organizers who have brought to Berlin the
most supporters? 

In democratic societies, rules of procedure are made public before
the activities they order take place. If you don't announce the
rules beforehand, people can imagine that you made up the rules on
the spot, as a response to the balance of power within the
constituency meetings on the 25th.

Other questions, no less urgent, also need to be addressed by you:

Will there be voting?

How will you handle the disaffected organizers and individual
participants, from the NCDNHC, the Trademark Constituency, the ccTLD
Constituency, and the others? Will they be put them out of the DNSO?
Will there be a constituency for the "losers"? Will they be asked to
swear allegiance to their adversaries?

What are you going to tell all the individuals who come to Berlin
but can't find any constituency to join, since you have created none
for individuals? Will you ask them politely to go home? Tell them to
wait until next year when the At-large membership may have gotten

Thanks for a prompt reply to these important questions, which must
be on everyone's mind and need to be answered before Berlin, at
least as to the methods you plan to use there to resolve them, so
that the meetings don't turn into resentment and chaos.

Michael Sondow

  "The course of the past has impressed us with the firm 
   conviction that no good ever comes of falsehood, and we
   feel warranted in refusing even to experiment in that
                       -- Thomas Henry Huxley
International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU) 
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