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Don Heath wrote:

> First, let me say that I have edited, slightly, your cc list, 
> removing the Vice President, Mr. Al Gore, the Senators and 
> Congressmen and women, and other government officials who 
> undoubtedly have more important things on their minds.

More important than the theft of the Internet by the neo-IAHC in
collusion with an unelected ICANN board that it put into place after
subverting the White Paper process? 

In any case, I have put them back. The Internet user public needs
witnesses to what is being done to us.

> While I don't believe this email even deserves a response, I will do
> so regardless, because of the blatant untruth of its contents.

Everything in my message was true, with the possible exception of
Mr. Maher's membership in CORE. (According to Ken Stubbs, Mr. Maher
was never a member, although I have been told by people who should
know that Mr. Maher was directly involved in it.) As regards your
slander campaign, I have it from the mouth of one of the principles.
And as to Mr. Maher, he certainly has no just claim to represent
non-commercial domain name holders, much less to be organizing the
NCDNHC under ISOC's auspices.

> ISOC intends to be a facilitator in the formation of the non commercial
> constituency, only.  We are looking for no long term role in it once it
> is appropriately and properly formed.

No? Then why did David Maher nominate himself to the Names Council
before the NCDNHC was even formed?

> David Maher is
> a representative of one of the organizations that is participating
> in the formation of the non commercial constituency.

The organization that he purports to be a representative of doesn't
exist, and, when it did, had absolutely nothing to do with
non-commercial domain name holders.

> As a self organizing group, the group itself decides what 
> organizations qualify.

No, Mr. Heath, it is not for you or Mr. Maher to decide what the
NCDNHC is. It is self-defined as a constituency for non-commercial
domain name holders, that is, the end-users of the Internet. Mr.
Maher has never represented the users of the Internet, but always
those opposed to them, the trademark interests that want to restrict
domain name service to big business.

> Rather than get frustrated and rant, why don't you participate constructively?

By fighting for a constituency for the non-business user sector of
the Internet, I am doing just that. If you imagine I am going to
collaborate with people like you and Mr. Maher when you are trying
to deny the NCDNHC to its rightful membership, you can forget it. I
won't lend myself or the ICIIU to such perfidy. If you expect me and
my organization to help you take the NCDNHC away from the
non-commercial users of the Internet and hand it over to trademark
lawyers and ISOC's big business interests, you have misjudged me.