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Re: Slanders and impostures

At 09:16 AM 6/2/99 -0400, Michael Sondow wrote:
>Mr. Heath,
>It has come to our attention that ISOC is conducting out of the
>public view a smear campaign, spreading malicious and slanderous
>lies about me, my organization the ICIIU, and its supporters,
>apparently for the purpose of breaking our solidarity and commitment
>so that we will abandon the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
>Constituency of the DNSO to ISOC, something which, by the way, we
>have no intention of doing. Could you please tell us, Mr. Heath, if
>these cowardly actions by ISOC are those of people trying to, in
>your words, "work together" towards a "compromise"?


First, let me say that I have edited, slightly, your cc list, removing
the Vice President, Mr. Al Gore, the Senators and Congressmen and women,
and other government officials who undoubtedly have more important
things on their minds.

[To the remainder, I am sorry for this type of counterproductive waste,
but I will respond just this once.]

While I don't believe this email even deserves a response, I will do
so regardless, because of the blatant untruth of its contents.   It
is the only time I will do so, as I said.

Michael, there is no smear campaign at all.  Period.  A smear campaign 
would require that it be widely dispersed, much like what you are doing 
here, and that there would be untrue things stated, much like I believe 
you are attempting here.

I must admit, Michael, that I am reminded of the old phrase that goes
something along the lines of the pot calling the kettle black.

Why must you revert to this kind of tactic?  You have constantly attempted
to smear ISOC.  Why?

Let me make this perfectly clear:

ISOC intends to be a facilitator in the formation of the non commercial
constituency, only.  We are looking for no long term role in it once it
is appropriately and properly formed.  Period.

>Perhaps you could also explain to us, Mr. Heath, why ISOC has given
>its NCDNHC organizing campaign into the hands of Mr. David Maher, a
>person who is not a non-commercial domain name holder. Mr. Maher is,
>to my knowledge, a trademark lawyer employed by IBM and a member of
>a domain name registrar's association, CORE. Either of these
>functions should automatically disqualify Mr. Maher as a
>spokesperson for non-commercial domain name holders, and even as a
>member of the NCDNHC.

ISOC has not put anything into the hands of anyone.  David Maher is
a representative of one of the organizations that is participating
in the formation of the non commercial constituency.  As long as
his organization fits the requirements of membership, he has as much
a right to express himself and work toward consensus as anyone else.
As a self organizing group, the group itself decides what organizations

>As to Mr. Maher's affiliation with the entity named POC, which
>figures on ISOC's list of supporting organizations, we have been
>informed that POC was an advisory council to a coalition named the
>International Ad Hoc Committee, or IAHC, an organism which is now
>defunct, and POC with it. However, even if this so-called POC still
>existed, it has no domain name, non-commercial or otherwise, and no
>website, and thus can in no way be considered a non-commercial
>domain name holder.
>Mr. David Maher has therefore no claim whatsoever to participation
>in the organization of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
>The ICIIU is willing and anxious to collaborate with any and all
>legitimate non-commercial domain name holding entities in the
>organization of the NCDNHC. But it is not possible to collaborate
>with people who slander and malign us with malicious and deceitful
>lies, as the ISOC leadership is apparently doing in private while
>pretending in public to "work together". Nor will we accept that the
>NCDNHC be infiltrated by impostors.

Michael  -  Please reread this paragraph above.  And, why not read
most of your other post of a similar nature.  This is what I mean by
the pot calling the kettle black.  You are going out of your way to
wrongfully malign ISOC.  What you say is simply untrue.

Rather than get frustrated and rant, why don't you participate constructively?

Kindest regards,

>Michael Sondow
> "We need to be able to judge which is more important - the
> images on the screen, the mechanisms that produce them, or 
> the world that they are striving to represent."
>            --Oscar Kenshur, in 'The Allure of the Hybrid'
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