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Exclusion of non-commercial Internet users from ICANN

This list of member organizations excluded by ISOC in its recent
proposal was inadvertently left out of my recent posting. Here are
the original adherents to the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
Constituency of ICANN. ISOC is attempting to exclude them, for no
other reason than that they did not sign up through ISOC. 

Namibian Internet Development Foundation (NAMIDEF) 
The Communisphere(R) Project
Revista Electronica de Derecho Informatico (REDI) 
The Biological Anthropology Forum (BAF) 
Personal Domain Name Holders Association (PDNHA)
The Distributed Knowledge Project (DKProj)
The Convergence Center, Syracuse Univ. School of Information Studies
Asociacion de Internautas del Peru (AIP)