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Re: BULLETIN: ICANN 'TAX' DOUBLED!! This Must Be Stopped!!

In article <377016c3.1370398@news.demon.co.uk>, 
evilandi@spamblock.cimmerii.demon.co.uk says...
>On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:02:34 GMT, rb1000@ix.netcom.com (Ron Bennett)
>>The proposed ICANN 'tax' is $1.00 *per year*. So people who register a domain 
>>name in .COM, .NET, & .ORG would be forced to pay DOUBLE this amount since 
>>initial registration is for two years. So the extra fee people will be forced 
>>to pay is really $2!!  Doesn't sound like much but see how the cost is really 
>>more than what ICANN is telling people.
>And if it all goes to fund a decent ICANN service I'm all for it.
>Heck, put it up to US$5 if it improves the service. Or US$10 if the
>extra goes to fund a Jon Postel memorial.

ICANN in its current incarnation is not going to improve anything...and more 
likely make matters worse. For example I've yet to see an official comment from 
either ICANN nor Register.com regarding Register.com's cheating by giving 
preference to some registerants and Register.com's unethical practices 
including blacklisting (I've experienced this personally so I know it's 
happening) and according to some sources the sale of their whois lookup logs to 
speculators. And you want to pay money for more of this...?

>Jeez, all this fuss over two dollars. It's not as if a dollar is worth
>very much these days. You can't even buy a pint of beer for that round

$1.00 is only the beginning (for .COM, .NET, & .ORG it'll be doubled) and 
expect the 'tax' to quickly increase and expand in scope to such things as IP 
addresses. Imagine if an ISP has a million IP addresses...that's a MILLION 
dollars...see how ICANN's $1.00 'tax' could quickly esculate and become much 

>If you're so damn keen on saving peanuts you could start with trimming
>your crossposting and save us all some bandwidth.

Articles are only stored *once* on the news server regardless of the number of 
groups it's cross-posted to. So for just a few bytes more, I'm able to have my 
article appear in multiple newsgroups and thus reach a more diverse audience.

Ron Bennett