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Re: [IFWP] Rise up to the challenge.

Greg and all,

Greg Skinner wrote:

> Jeff Williams wrote:
> > But [ICANN] can "Effectively" make it difficult for those
> > registries and their associated TLD's not to be "Seen" globally.  That
> > constitutes an restraint of trade on the part of the ICANN by it's use
> > of policy and the DNS in general...
> As I (and others) have written before, there is no policy that restricts
> any ISP, IAP, or other interested (and knowledgable) party from taking
> their name service from other providers than the IANA roots.

  No but there is implied pressure, that should not exist, on ISP's and
IAP's that is significant enough to dissuade them from doing so.  In addition

with the updates (Upgrades) In Bind 8.2 it is possible for them to do
so, however as I have experienced IP blocking can make that potential
moot, al la the IANA/ICANN and the ITU's use of www.orbs.org for instance.

> That they have decided not to do this seems to me to be one of the issues
> that ought to be discussed.

  Agreed.  But it must be seriously discussed, which given the particular
bent of the ICANN and now the NC/PNC (Legitimate?), this is not likely.

> --gregbo


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