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More unanswered questions

More unanswered questions for the hearings (cont'd from June 23rd):

10) Is ICANN planning to destabilize the Internet by splitting the
root and starting a second "A" root at NIST (see:
http://www.icann.org/minutes/berlinminutes.html and recent news from

11) Is this what the DOC and ICANN meant by "creating competition"?

12) What percentage of the name servers on the Net will voluntarily
point to the new root?

13) What coercive measures will ICANN and the DOC use to convince
those who do not voluntarily point to the ICANN root to do so?

14) What will ICANN charge for their new "service"?

15) Will ICANN (that is, the GAC) now confiscate all ccTLDs that do
not subscribe to ICANN's root?