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RE: [IFWP] The Sims-Auerbach Correspondence (was: The CPT- ICANN Correspondence

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> > ...  I've never met anyone until now who thought that
> > the ICANN Board couldn't do anything they damn well pleased with SO
> > recommendations - implement them, throw them out, use them as toilet
> paper.
> Then there ought to be absolutely no objection to removing virtually all
> but the last paragraph of section VI.2.(e), all of section VI.2.(f), and
> the middle part of VI.2.(g) from the ICANN bylaws.
Not really.
Under the current bylaws, nothing prevents the Board from doing what they
want with a recommandation, with the justification that they reject it
because they think that it is not in the best interest of the Corporation
(see VI.2.e.1 below)

	      (1) furthers the purposes of, and is in the best interest of,

According to my reading, the current bylaws only set a frame of reference
for the political context in which the recommendations will be
accepted/rejected, but do not limit the real power of the Board.

May I know what is the *real* reason why you insist in making changes to the
bylaws that would have no added value?