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Offer our input and involvement

To: Ms. Esther Dyson:

We, at The Americas Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan, 
think-tank organization dealing with the needs and challenges facing 
Hispanics in the United States, and in Latin America and the Caribbean, seek 
to contribute a play a direct role in the Internet -particularly as it 
relates to domain name registration for the region.

We would like to participate and help in the logistics of the organization 
and implementation of the scheduled Santiago, Chile meeting on August, 1999.

For information about our Foundation, our mission and goals, our programs and 
projects, legislative agenda, special events, some accomplishments to date, 
our illustrious supporters and friends/advisors, please visit our web site:

Again, we respectfully request that in your mission and statements made about 
inclusivity and openness of your Board and organization, that you give us the 
opportunity to be included to actively contribute to the process.

Looking forward to your kind and prompt reply.

Victor Pinzon
The Americas Foundation