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Re: [IFWP] Re: Hilights from today's hearing

Bill and all,

  Good for you Bill!  Hear hear!  Indeed your domain name is yours,
you paid for it.  Neither ICANN or NSI can take it away from you
without a fight!  The same goes for everyone else or any organization
that has a DN registered, either for commercial on non-commercial
purposes.  The courts have pretty much established that for all
practical purposes a DN IS property...   GIven that, the two biggest
problems with both NSI and to a much greater extent ICANN is the
"Accreditation Policy" a la ICANN, and the Domain Policy a la NSI.

  We [INEGroup] have always believed and can easily prove that multiple
root and DNS's does work and on a global scale.  ICANN in it's infantile
wisdom along with their cohorts, CORE, ISI, ITU, and the infamous
ISOC, of course will spread their continual FUD that this is not so.  But
they cannot do so honestly, and ISI in particular, very well knows this
and has for several years.

Bill Lovell wrote:

> At 03:18 PM 7/23/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >>"Hello. The Internet self organizes. That's what it does, and
> >why it's so big, successful and robust.
> >
> >The Internet community began self organizing to create new top
> >level domains a few years ago and was torpedod by IAHC.
> >
> >Then, after incentive and support by the US Government, it began
> >self organzing again with the IFWP process. This was torpeod
> >by the ICANN; many of the players were the same ones that were
> >in fialed IAHC attempt.
> >
> >The Internet is still self organizing, and is currently routing
> >around the centralist damage; the people with servers have
> >had enough and have gone back to work on infrastructure; no
> >more talk.
> >
> >Thank you"
> >
> And I'll second all of that. Someone the other day was pointing out that
> some entity or other (I'm not a telecommunications organization guru)
> runs the 800, 888, etc., phone number system for which service it is
> paid by "the industry."  Existing and future registrars, registries, ISPs,
> etc., could well collaborate in hiring some service company that DOES
> FATTEN ITS BOTTOM LINE to handle root servers, domain name
> lookup, etc. The Internet being what it is, such a company could be
> located anywhere that has reliable communication. Parse in the idea
> of multi-roots, physical redundancy (mirrors), and also multiple DNSs,
> and you have a TECHNICALLY viable system that does not need
> an ICANN or NSI or whoever.
> You want my domain name? Tough apples, it's mine, and you think
> you can pirate it, I'll see you in court. The postulated service company
> that runs that technical system takes the data given to it, sets it up
> AS INSTRUCTED, and beyond that shuts the hell up -- in particular
> not claiming to be able to yank somebody's domain name on whim.
> I'll admit to having a problem with gTLDs: .web is fine, but someone
> was posing the case in which an attorney wanted "something.law,"
> but the folks owning .law charge too much, are incompetent, etc.
> So in that area there are problems to be solved, but the technical
> side ought to be solved as above or in an improved similar manner
> that all the techynerds abiding in IFWP ought to be able to create.
> It goes without saying that if the aforesaid "registries, registrars,
> ISPs," etc. would ever expect to agree upon what the service
> company was to be told to do, they would have to stay miles
> away from all the legal and economic crap and act more like the
> kind of standards organizations that were also under discussion
> recently -- IETF being one such, if I recall correctly.
> Bill Lovell
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