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Re: NCDNHC application form Information and Communications University???

Milton and all,

  Dongman, it is indeed unfortunate that Mr. Mueller would make such a
discouraging remark towards myself in this matter regarding your application.
Deplorable at best, shameful a worst.  However I am not accountable
for his behavior in this particular instance, nor do I condone it.

  Be that minor irritation issue as it may, Milton is correct of course in that
there have been many new Universities in Asia over the past 4-5 years
cropping up.  And this is a good thing, in my humble opinion.  None the
less, it has little to do with qualification as a non-commercial entity
necessarily.  If your university is registered as NON-PROFIT as your
application indicated and that Korea has both NON-PROFIT and
NON-COMMERCIAL legal status is of relevance to the NCDNHC
and ICANN.  NON-PROFIT legal status in the NCDNHC, and as part
or the stated requirements of ICANN with respect to the DNSO
Constituency based model would be in direct conflict.  Hence
my original suggestion that your university should consider, or
may wish to consider either changing your legal status or joining
another constituency such as the "Business Constituency" or
possibly a new Constituency, which I suggested is needed
for NON-PROFIT organizations, hence a NON-PROFIT Constituency...

Milton Mueller wrote:

I apologize for sending my initial inquiry about your university to the entire list.
It was intended to be a private inquiry. I simply didn't notice that the reply function sent
it to the list. As a professor at a School of Information studies I was genuinely interested
in a new information school and in no way did I wish to imply or encourage any challenges to
your application.

There are many new technology universities in Asia. I was a visiting professor at one in
Hong Kong in 1997. I encourage you not to pay any attention to Jeff Williams.


Dongman Lee wrote:

> Mr. Williams,
> First of all, I should have pointed to English web site of our school, which is
> http://www.icu.ac.kr/english. And I forwared it to Mr. Mueller.

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