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Re: Registrars other than NSI (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 1:23:37 -0500
From: Sean Donelan <SEAN@SDG.DRA.COM>
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To: list@inet-access.net
Subject: Re: Registrars other than NSI

jordyn@bestweb.NET (Jordyn A. Buchanan) writes:
>I notice a lot of complaints about NSI on the list, which has made me 
>wonder over the last few days:  now that there are alternate 
>registrars for the .COM, .NET and .ORG TLDs, why are people still 
>using NSI?  Obviously, there's a lot of "legacy" domains, but why 
>would you keep doing business with a company you hate so much when 
>there are alternatives?

1. Lack of a 'transfer' function between registrars.  At the present
time it seems like you have to 'delete' the domain, wait an unknown
time for it to clear out the database, risk someone else grabbing it,
and register a 'new' domain at full fee.  And if the new registrar
is just as screwed up, doing the whole thing again.

2. Lack of deposit accounts and invoices.  Credit cards are ok for
individuals and small companies, but anyone planning to handle more
than a few domains it becomes a pain.

3. Web interfaces suck.  E-mail templates and responses are easier to
archive, automate, and generally integrate into our existing processes.
Web interfaces generally require hiring a body to type duplicate data
into yet another system.

4. Failure to understand the standard rule of new competitors entering
a market.  You need to be 30% cheaper or 30% better.

Personally I expect most middle to large ISPs to eventually become
registrars themselves.  So they're waiting for the test phase to finish,
before taking the plunge themselves.  And yes, it means that NSI will
once again be in control with their operation of the shared registery
function just with a different pricing model.  We've almost come full
circle back to one of the losing proposals when the InterNIC was bid
many, many years ago.
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