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Esther Dyson writes:

In response to:

>Not only is Esther Dyson the Interim Chairman of ICANN, she is also
>currently the chairman of EDventure Holdings, a small but diversified
>company focused on emerging information technology worldwide. She is a
>member of the President's Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption and
>sits on the boards of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Scala Business
>Solutions, Poland Online, Cygnus Solution, E-Pub Services, Trustworks
>(Amsterdam), IBS (Moscow), iCat, New World Publishing and the Global
>Business Network. She is on the advisory boards of Perot Systems and the
>Internet Capital Group, and a limited partner of the Mayfield Software Fund.
>Dyson is also on the boards and executive committees of the Santa Fe
>Institute and the Institute for East-West Studies, and on the board of the
>Eurasia Foundation. She is a founding member of the Russian Software Market
>Association and a member of the (US) Software Publishers Association. She
>serves on the advisory boards of The Software Entrepreneurs Forum (Silicon
>Valley), the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, the Russian Internet
>Technology Center, and the Soros Medical Internet Project.
>Previously, she was a securities analyst (New Court Securities, 1977-80;
>Oppenheimer & Co., 1980-82), and a reporter for Forbes magazine (1974-77).
>Her academic credentials are a little more modest: she holds a Bachelor's
>degree in economics from Harvard University (1972).

Esther Dyson writes:

>Some of this is a little old and out of date, but it is substantially
>correct. More worth noting is that I am an investor in a score of
>start-ups, many of them based in Central and Eastern Europe. I am a
>capitalist and proud of it, but I am hardly a supporter of the establishment.

Considering the many, many organizations that Esther 
admits to belong to, isn't it curious that she fails 
to mention the "Council on Foreign Relations".

If ever there was an "establishment" organization,
the Council is certainly it:  

Esther joined the Council in 1997, just before she
became interested in the DNS debate.  FWIW, it is an
affiliation that she has never publicly acknowledged!


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