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Re: [IFWP] Esther Dyson writes:

Mr. Fenello and Everyone,

  I get the impression from Ms. Dyson's response, that she is developing
a habit of attempting to shift the subject to some other, or she is
posing excuses for her actions.

Jay Fenello wrote:

> In response to:
> >http://www.heise.de/tp/english/inhalt/te/5139/1.html
> >
> >Not only is Esther Dyson the Interim Chairman of ICANN, she is also
> >currently the chairman of EDventure Holdings, a small but diversified
> >company focused on emerging information technology worldwide. She is a
> >member of the President's Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption and
> >sits on the boards of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Scala Business
> >Solutions, Poland Online, Cygnus Solution, E-Pub Services, Trustworks
> >(Amsterdam), IBS (Moscow), iCat, New World Publishing and the Global
> >Business Network. She is on the advisory boards of Perot Systems and the
> >Internet Capital Group, and a limited partner of the Mayfield Software Fund.
> >
> >Dyson is also on the boards and executive committees of the Santa Fe
> >Institute and the Institute for East-West Studies, and on the board of the
> >Eurasia Foundation. She is a founding member of the Russian Software Market
> >Association and a member of the (US) Software Publishers Association. She
> >serves on the advisory boards of The Software Entrepreneurs Forum (Silicon
> >Valley), the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, the Russian Internet
> >Technology Center, and the Soros Medical Internet Project.
> >
> >Previously, she was a securities analyst (New Court Securities, 1977-80;
> >Oppenheimer & Co., 1980-82), and a reporter for Forbes magazine (1974-77).
> >Her academic credentials are a little more modest: she holds a Bachelor's
> >degree in economics from Harvard University (1972).
> Esther Dyson writes:
> >http://www.heise.de/tp/english/inhalt/te/5149/1.html
> >
> >Some of this is a little old and out of date, but it is substantially
> >correct. More worth noting is that I am an investor in a score of
> >start-ups, many of them based in Central and Eastern Europe. I am a
> >capitalist and proud of it, but I am hardly a supporter of the establishment.
> Considering the many, many organizations that Esther
> admits to belong to, isn't it curious that she fails
> to mention the "Council on Foreign Relations".
> If ever there was an "establishment" organization,
> the Council is certainly it:
>    http://www.foreignrelations.org/public/
> Esther joined the Council in 1997, just before she
> became interested in the DNS debate.  FWIW, it is an
> affiliation that she has never publicly acknowledged!
> Respectfully,
> Jay Fenello
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Brian C. Hollingsworth
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