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Re: WHOIS management - More "Spin Doctoring"??

Russ and all,

  And just who are these NSI SHILLS, that you refer to?  Can you accurately
substantiate this claim?  I doubt it.  None the less this claim was originated

by the "ICANN'ites" to cover their own tracks (See relative archives for
a more accurate picture).  Looks allot like some spin doctoring has been
from where I sit.  But of course that is how the game is played, right?  >;)

domainiac wrote:

> >  Clearly, it needs to be fixed here too.
> All of the issues I raised could be completely fixed by a programmer in
> probably a half day's work (including testing).  There is no reason people
> should have go on years complaining about this.  Instead of NSI hiring
> shills to post on this list and the newsgroups maybe you guys should hire
> some "consultants" who are actually going to do something useful.  Then
> maybe you need to hire the shills.
> Russ Smith
> http://domainia.org


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