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Re: [IFWP] ANNOUNCE: ICANN-Santiago Remote Participation

Ellen and all,

  We [INEGroup] completely agree with Ellen's conclusion here
and have stated similar concerns to ICANN before on this
practice in remote participation.

Ellen Rony wrote:

> Ben Edelman wrote:
> >We do think it will be helpful to group similar comments together.  Should
> >you and David Post happen to submit comments that seem (to us!)
> >substantially the same or overlapping in part, it seems a good use of the
> >meeting's time for your agreement, along with any notable differences, to be
> >reported.  ("Michael Froomkin and David Post both submitted comments noting
> >that... while Froomkin also went on to note ...")
> I think it's a grave mistake to do this.  A summary loses the flavor of the
> comment and may infuse bias.  Imagine if all those who attended the
> Santiago meeting were told, "We don't have time to hear your comments.
> Just tell us your  concern and we will summarize it in a sentence or two
> for the ICANN board and group it together with those of similar mind."
> The remote contributions should be as valid as the physical participation,
> since many of the interested parties have neither deep pockets nor
> scheduling freedom to follow ICANN around the world.  After hearing several
> public onsite comments, the board should then refer to several online
> comments, back and forth, through the open forum.  Or some neutral party
> should be assigned to read a few online comments interspersed with the ones
> presented onsite.
> But establishing someone in Santiago as a filter to distill the online
> comments, to decide what is or is not important in a submission, is just
> plain wrong.
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