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Welcome to the webpage for ICANN's monthly magazine


ICANN monthly magazine

Welcome to the ICANN magazine designed to provide an overview of the work the organisation has done in the past month. Each magazine contains details on three policy topics; summaries of recent Board meetings, details of how to participate in ICANN's processes and an interview with a key member of the ICANN community.

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March 2010 March
Staff Focus, One World. One Internet. Everyone Connected, ICANN’s Options on the .xxx Application, Policy – What’s Wrong with DNS Redirecting and Wildcarding?, New E-Learning Site, Currently Open for Public Comment, Fellowship Update, Nairobi Links
February 2010 February
Staff Focus, Nairobi Remote Participation, One World. One Internet. Everyone Connected, Interview with David Olive, Policy Update, Currently Open for Public Comment, Fellowship Update
January 2010 January
Staff Focus, Interview with the new VP of Gov Affairs, the Americas, IDN ccTLD Fast Track, Government Advisory Committee, Nairobi Meeting, Policy, Fellowship
November 2009 November
Special Seoul Edition , Internationalized Domain Names (IDN's), New gTLDs, Strategic Planning, Affirmation of Commitments, GNSO Improvements, Independent Reviews, Board Members & Councillors, Board Resolutions, Fellowship Update
October 2009 October
Staff Focus, Governmental Advisory Committee, ICANN Meetings, NomCom 2009 Appointees, Policy Update, Board Update, Board Committee Public Meeting, Regional Update, Fellowship, New Top Level Domains
August 2009 August
Staff Focus, New gTLDs, Policy Update, Fellowship Update, Regional Update, Board Update, Public Comment Process, Website, Calendar
July 2009 July
Overall Summary, New gTLDs, IDNs, Operating Plan, Improving Institutional Confidence, DNSSEC, Joint AC/SO Meeting, Board, Fellowship Program, Calendar
May 2009 May
Staff Focus, New gTLDs, Policy Update, IDNs, Compliance, Board Update, Public Participation, Fellowship, ICANN Acronyms, Calendar
April 2009 April
Staff Focus, New gTLDs, Policy Update, Global Partnerships, Fellowship Program, Conficker, Acronyms Explained, Board Review, Where Should ICANN Spend its Money?, Calendar
March 2009 March
Executive Focus, New gTLDs, IDNs, RAA, Improving Institutional Confidence, GNSO, Independent Reviews, Board, Ombudsman Survey, At-Large, Fellowship Program, Calendar.
February 2009 February
Executive Staff Focus, New gTLDs, Policy Update, Fellowship Program, Public Comments, Board Review, ICANN Acronyms Explained, Mexico City Meeting, Calendar.
January 2009 January
Executive Staff Focus, New gTLDs, Fellowship Program, Annual Report Published, APRALO IGF Planning Chronicles, Board of Directors Update, ICANN Acronyms Explained, Nominating Committee, Calendar.
December 2008 December
Magazine survey, Cairo public forum response, Board minutes, Fellowship program, policy and compliance newsletters.
November 2008 November
Dashboard, Cairo briefing note, Board decisions, public comment periods, blog posts, upcoming events
October 2008 October
Chief Operating Office Doug Brent, Cairo, Domain Tasting, Compliance, Policy, public comments
September 2008 September
New Board member Katim Touray, Board decisions, Policy, OneWebDay, ASN global policy, public comments
Aug mag August
Board decisions, Policy, Compliance, Multilingualism, Fellows organizer Janice Douma Lange, public comments
NomCom 2008 Nominating Committee special edition
All the choices made by the 2008 Nominating Committee for posts within ICANN
July 08 July
Paris meeting summary, Cairo update, Policy, Board meeetings, Compliance, ICANN CEO Paul Twomey, Participation and blogs
May 2008 May
Policy update, Compliance newsletter, ALAC member and Paris meeting local host Sebastien Bachollet, Board decisions, Participation
April 08 April
Translation Committee, NomCom chair Hagen Hultzsch, NomCom, Board activities, the cost of stopping domain tasting, news from the CEO
December 2007 December
Compliance, Registry services, RAA, ccNSO chair Chris Disspain, Participation
October 2007 October
Independent review, Accountability and Transparency, Ombudsman, GNSO chair Avri Doria, Online survey results
NomCom 2007 Nominating Committee special edition
All the choices made by the 2007 Nominating Committee for posts within ICANN
September 2007 September
IDNs, Registry and Registrar contracts, IPv6, ALAC chair Jacqueline Morris, IP address block reclamation
August 2007 August
Whois, Domain name tasting, New gTLDs, GAC chair Janis Karklins, post-San Juan meeting


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