Participation at meetings

There is an ongoing issue about how to have real and effective remote participation at ICANN meetings.

As most of you will hopefully be aware, a specific website is set up for each meeting - you can see Delhi's here:, and Paris' at - where a webpage is provided for every meeting. That webpage contains its own chatroom; it contains the agenda, links to presentations , and, when over, a link to the transcript.

However there is still a disconnect and an advantage if you are physically in the room. As an Internet organisation trying to serve a global audience with limited resources, ICANN wants to get to the point where participation is real and possible remotely.

Add your ideas, have a discussion, review what others think at this dedicated forum to improving remote participation.


The biggest issue from experience is time. Meetings start and go extremely quickly from the perspective of someone not in the room. Often meetings happen at inappropriate times for those that wish to attend. Sometimes by the time a question raised remotely can be introduced into the conversation, the conversation has moved on. And this in itself discourages interaction.

So the question is: what can be done to fix this? Is the answer to make sure agendas are posted earlier? How can this be enforced? Should questions be accepted ahead of time? Should meetings on one topic be stretched over several days, allowing for more effective remote input?

What are the practicalities? How do you get the physical meeting to take remote input seriously? What needs to be done? ICANN is very interested in your views on this. And for that reason we have set up a forum on this site in order to help the community discuss, review, brainstorm and formulate possible solutions which ICANN will then experiment with in an effort to provide the global community with a more effective route into the organisation's work.

Add your ideas, have a discussion, review what others think at this dedicated forum to improving remote participation.

ALAC Requests an Issues Report on Post-Expiration Domain Recovery

20 November 2008

Introductory Note

By the ICANN Staff


The At-Large Advisory Committee resolved in its meeting of 14 th October 2008:

ALAC Request for an Issues Report on Domain Tasting

8 May 2007

ALAC Requests an Issues Report of the GNSO Staff Related to Domain Tasting

8 May 2007

On 8 May 2007, the ALAC Liaison to the GNSO formally notified the Staff of ICANN that ALAC had resolved to request an Issues Report on the practice known as "Domain Tasting".

The ability to request an Issues Report is enshrined in the Bylaws of ICANN, in Annex B [insert hyperlink on phrase "Annex B" to]. This request marks the first occasion that an Issues Report has been requested by any Advisory Committee in ICANN.

ALAC Responds to GNSO WHOIS Hypothesis Working Group Report

14 October 2008

Introductory Note by the ICANN Staff

The original draft of this statement was prepared by ALAC Member Patrick Vande Walle. It was posted for comment by ALAC members in the first instance, in English, on 22 nd September 2008; it may be found at Comments made on the above page have informed Rev1 (this text).

ALAC Report for the 33rd ICANN International Meeting

6 November 2008

Nominations Underway for ALAC Liaisons and Appointments for 2009

4 November 2008

At-Large Regional Secretariats Meeting

6 Nov 2008 - 16:00
6 Nov 2008 - 17:00
San Souci II

At-Large Schedule for the Cairo ICANN Meeting Online

1 October 2008

The At-Large Community schedule of events is now available online at We hope to see you there!

At-Large Advisory Committee 3rd Session – Policy Wrapup Meeting

5 Nov 2008 - 10:30
5 Nov 2008 - 13:00
San Souci II
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