Participation at meetings

There is an ongoing issue about how to have real and effective remote participation at ICANN meetings.

As most of you will hopefully be aware, a specific website is set up for each meeting - you can see Delhi's here:, and Paris' at - where a webpage is provided for every meeting. That webpage contains its own chatroom; it contains the agenda, links to presentations , and, when over, a link to the transcript.

However there is still a disconnect and an advantage if you are physically in the room. As an Internet organisation trying to serve a global audience with limited resources, ICANN wants to get to the point where participation is real and possible remotely.

Add your ideas, have a discussion, review what others think at this dedicated forum to improving remote participation.


The biggest issue from experience is time. Meetings start and go extremely quickly from the perspective of someone not in the room. Often meetings happen at inappropriate times for those that wish to attend. Sometimes by the time a question raised remotely can be introduced into the conversation, the conversation has moved on. And this in itself discourages interaction.

So the question is: what can be done to fix this? Is the answer to make sure agendas are posted earlier? How can this be enforced? Should questions be accepted ahead of time? Should meetings on one topic be stretched over several days, allowing for more effective remote input?

What are the practicalities? How do you get the physical meeting to take remote input seriously? What needs to be done? ICANN is very interested in your views on this. And for that reason we have set up a forum on this site in order to help the community discuss, review, brainstorm and formulate possible solutions which ICANN will then experiment with in an effort to provide the global community with a more effective route into the organisation's work.

Add your ideas, have a discussion, review what others think at this dedicated forum to improving remote participation.

the reporting console

ICANN meeting webcast technology

Just a quick note to ICANN staff (perhaps Kieren).

Why is real player the only player used for the webcast at ICANN meetings? Is it not possible utilise some of the other "newer" technologies (Flash etc) as used by You Tube.

They are a little less invasive.


Urdu Language - Domain naming convention

I have gone through the website and activities but could not found any activity or proposal for Urdu Language naming convention and translation of Domain Names.

There should be some planning and procedure in this regards.

Imran Ahmed Shah

Community Representation from Pakistan (South Asia)

I am also worried that there is no sponsorship, registrar, fellowship or even a small level of membership alloted to the community of Pakistan which is on a good level of World Bank economic Directory.

new web site

Having trouble with registering my web site just begun.
Cannot seem to find the right way to tell the company
that the name is registered to that they cannot have it.
I had registered originally with Domain Names and retain
the certificate, but was somehow
reregistered to a 'company' called Go Daddy. They are
using the site as an advertisement for other web sites.
Meanwhile, my site is gathering dust on '/index'. Any

Registrar Hijacking of Expired Domain Names

By changing the Registered Name Holder's contact information, registrars are able to stifle any effort by the public to contact a registrant about their expiring domain name - preventing registrant from benefiting from the sale of rights to the domain name. And that's just the beginning! Learn more here:

End of Summer Time in Europe and Remote Participation

Europe moved from summer time to winter time last night but the California won't do so until next weekend. This means that for the week of the ICANN meeting the time difference between Europe and the US is different than normal.

Anyone who wants to follow the sessions at this week's meeting will need to take account of the difference in the normal time calculations this week.
On Monday at 9am in Los Angeles it will be 5pm in Brussels and 4pm in Lisbon which is one hour earlier than last week.

Translation issues

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The one thing that everyone that has reviewed the issue of translation across the organisation can agree upon is that it is a very complex issue with no easy solutions.
There are a number of difficult issues with respect to translation, which we will list here in the hope of sparking some review and debate and hopefully draw gradual consensus of the best way forward:

1. Which languages should ICANN adopt as main languages?

Translation co-ordination team

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ICANN has created an internal translation co-ordination committee with members from across the organisation.
The aims and goals of the team are given below. Under that, the ongoing work to each goal is outlined:

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