Remote Participation

Main ballroom | ccNSO room

For those unable to physically attend ICANN meetings, we have a range of remote participation options.


Of most immediate interest will be the full conference window - where live video, audio, presentations and chatrooms are made available as the meeting is going on.

This will include all sessions in the main room (Crystal A, Crystal A-B), and sessions of the Country Code Names Supporting organization (ccNSO) in Emerald.

Main ballroom:
ccNSO room:

When concluded, video from these sessions will be archived on the video page.

Please note: The conferencing software (Adobe Connect) may peform badly with some Linux versions.


Many sessions during the week will be available to listen to live. Some will also be available in French, Spanish and Korean.

To listen, find the webpage for the session you wish to hear (by clicking through from the schedule page for example) and audio feed(s), if available, will be clearly highlighted near the top of the page.

You will also find details of the meeting and any relevant agenda details and/or presentations for that meeting.


Some sessions have their own chatroom, accessible by visiting the session's webpage.