Organisational Reviews - Coordination of Recommendations

Wed 24 Jun 2009 - 09:00 - 10:30
Function 2 (L2)

What it is |  Organizational Reviews examine individually each of the key structures of ICANN; at the end of each OR process a set of recommendations is issued for each of the structures that have been reviewed. From a horizontal analysis of these recommendations emerged interrelationships and dependencies that are visible only when considering ICANN as a system rather than a collection of parts. During this workshop the Structural Improvements Committee will present for discussion the key findings from this analysis, and proposals to deal with these interrelationships.

Why it's Important |  This is an occasion for the community to participate to the debate on ways to solve interrelations and dependencies from different OR processes.

Who should attend? |  Members of the Structural Improvements Committee and the Board, interested Community Members