Protocol Supporting Organization

Protocol Supporting Organization

The Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO) is one of three Supporting Organizations called for in the ICANN bylaws. The PSO will advise the ICANN Board with respect to matters relating to the assignment of parameters for Internet protocols, technical standards that let computers exchange information and manage communications over the Internet.


On April 23, 1999, ICANN received a Protocol Supporting Organization Proposal submitted by Scott Bradner on behalf of the IETF POISSON Working Group. That proposal was posted for public comment.

At its May 27 meeting, the ICANN Board of Directors adopted a resolution accepting that proposal and directing the President of ICANN to prepare implementing Bylaws, and to sign an appropriate Memorandum of Understanding in cooperation with the proponents of the proposal, subject to ratification by the Board.

On July 14, the Memorandum of Understanding creating the PSO was signed by representatives of the

On October 25, The PSO informed ICANN that the following individuals had been selected to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors:

1. Philip Davidson              3 year term
2. Vinton Cerf                  2 year term
3. Jean-François Abramatic	1 year term