This event took place on 20 November 2013 from 16:45-18:45 ART at ICANN48 | Buenos Aires in Retiro B.
Wed, 20 November 2013 - 16:45 to 18:45 ART
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Retiro B
Session Leader(s): 
Marika Konings | Sr Director, Policy Development Support
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This is a F2F meeting of the GNSO Policy and Implementation Working Group. The Working Group has been tasked by the GNSO Council to develop recommendations on:

  1. A set of principles that would underpin any GNSO policy and implementation related discussions, taking into account existing GNSO Operating Procedures.
  2. A process for developing gTLD policy, perhaps in the form of "Policy Guidance", including criteria for when it would be appropriate to use such a process (for developing policy other than "Consensus Policy") instead of a GNSO Policy Development Process;
  3. A framework for implementation related discussions associated with GNSO Policy Recommendations;
  4. Criteria to be used to determine when an action should be addressed by a policy process and when it should be considered implementation, and;
  5. Further guidance on how GNSO Implementation Review Teams, as defined in the PDP Manual, are expected to function and operate.

This meeting will serve to update the community on the Working Group's work to date and also to progress further in its discussions through face-to-face interaction.

For further information about the WG's activities, please see

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