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Slanders and impostures

Mr. Heath,

It has come to our attention that ISOC is conducting out of the
public view a smear campaign, spreading malicious and slanderous
lies about me, my organization the ICIIU, and its supporters,
apparently for the purpose of breaking our solidarity and commitment
so that we will abandon the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
Constituency of the DNSO to ISOC, something which, by the way, we
have no intention of doing. Could you please tell us, Mr. Heath, if
these cowardly actions by ISOC are those of people trying to, in
your words, "work together" towards a "compromise"?

Perhaps you could also explain to us, Mr. Heath, why ISOC has given
its NCDNHC organizing campaign into the hands of Mr. David Maher, a
person who is not a non-commercial domain name holder. Mr. Maher is,
to my knowledge, a trademark lawyer employed by IBM and a member of
a domain name registrar's association, CORE. Either of these
functions should automatically disqualify Mr. Maher as a
spokesperson for non-commercial domain name holders, and even as a
member of the NCDNHC.

As to Mr. Maher's affiliation with the entity named POC, which
figures on ISOC's list of supporting organizations, we have been
informed that POC was an advisory council to a coalition named the
International Ad Hoc Committee, or IAHC, an organism which is now
defunct, and POC with it. However, even if this so-called POC still
existed, it has no domain name, non-commercial or otherwise, and no
website, and thus can in no way be considered a non-commercial
domain name holder.

Mr. David Maher has therefore no claim whatsoever to participation
in the organization of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders

The ICIIU is willing and anxious to collaborate with any and all
legitimate non-commercial domain name holding entities in the
organization of the NCDNHC. But it is not possible to collaborate
with people who slander and malign us with malicious and deceitful
lies, as the ISOC leadership is apparently doing in private while
pretending in public to "work together". Nor will we accept that the
NCDNHC be infiltrated by impostors.

Michael Sondow

 "We need to be able to judge which is more important - the
 images on the screen, the mechanisms that produce them, or 
 the world that they are striving to represent."

            --Oscar Kenshur, in 'The Allure of the Hybrid'
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