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Re: [IFWP] Slanders and impostures

Michael Sondow wrote:
> Perhaps you could also explain to us, Mr. Heath, why ISOC has given
> its NCDNHC organizing campaign into the hands of Mr. David Maher, a
> person who is not a non-commercial domain name holder. Mr. Maher is,
> to my knowledge, a trademark lawyer employed by IBM and a member of
> a domain name registrar's association, CORE. Either of these
> functions should automatically disqualify Mr. Maher as a
> spokesperson for non-commercial domain name holders, and even as a
> member of the NCDNHC.

I've got news for you, Michael.  In the real world in which the rest of us
live, most people work for commercial organizations or otherwise engage in
commercial activities in order to earn a living.  If wou would disqualify
those people, the NCDNHC would be limited to those who are actually employed
for non-profits plus government employees and the unemployed, and would be
quite small indeed.

If COMTELCA is non-commercial, so is CORE.

> As to Mr. Maher's affiliation with the entity named POC, which
> figures on ISOC's list of supporting organizations, we have been
> informed that POC was an advisory council to a coalition named the
> International Ad Hoc Committee, or IAHC, an organism which is now
> defunct, and POC with it. However, even if this so-called POC still
> existed, it has no domain name, non-commercial or otherwise, and no
> website, and thus can in no way be considered a non-commercial
> domain name holder.

You have been misinformed.  POC is part of the GTLD-MOU
(http://www.gtld-mou.org/), which still exists.  Whether this makes it
ineligible as a "subsidiary organization" is another question entirely.